ACD – Purpose and Objectives


ACD was launched in February 2010 to offer a complete tailored database management and analysis facility in conjunction with a full service data bureau. Customers face many issues in achieving best use of their customer information. These can include:

  • Data is often focussed on financial or operational objectives and is difficult to analyse for marketing and communication purposesCustomers often have multiple accounts making the single customer view difficult
  • Records are usually held at individual level but communication needs to be at address or surname level to minimise marketing costs whilst recognising the value of the household
  • There is often the need to segment customers and manage such developments as top customer clubs or to drive incentive schemes
  • Multi-brand data often needs to be consolidated to enable a cross selling strategy and to fully understand customer value
  • Customers often do not have the technical resources to manage the creation and management of a customer focussed database system.
  • Customers are looking for marketing support in how best to utilise customer information to seek additional sales and retain business.

ACD is a dedicated database management and analysis facility offering a number of key facilities to customers:

  • Secure environment
  • Solutions are built absolutely bespoke to the needs of the customer
  • Solutions evolve as the customer’s needs evolve to support a dynamic marketing approach
  • Solutions are built on a scalable platform to support campaigns of all sizes and to ensure no restriction on customer growth
  • Customer data, either full or sub-sets can be provided to the customer in any format at any time
  • Services start from data cleansing and merging to creation of full marketing database systems managing multi-channel communications
  • Analysis facilities range from building simple recency/frequency models to full regression modelling identifying customer segments by behaviour and hence enabling the most relevant communication at the best time with the best offer.

ACD’s business objective is to provide very bespoke solutions in an environment where customers are facing solutions based around generic, off the shelf products that do not enable complete tailoring to their business processes.



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